Issue Tracking

Task and Issue Tracking

Use our Defects, Snagging and Punch list tools to create and assign tasks to subcontractors and other users. Then monitor and manage their progress against them to get jobs done faster.

Using our Lean Task Manager function Site Managers can view the status of every task or issue on their projects at any time. Users can also quickly drag and drop tasks from one column into another to indicate that these tasks have been completed with all parties involved in that task receiving an e-mail notification to that effect.

Form Builder and Mobile Forms

Form Builder and Mobile Forms

Convert your paper based forms, checklists, and safety inspections etc. into digital web and mobile forms using our Form Builder to make carrying out compliance tasks whilst out on-site a piece of cake.

Users can record signatures, add photos and automatically update site registers as they go about maintaining high levels of compliance on your sites. These documents can then quickly and easily be exported to PDF or shared and collaborated on with others using our chat functionality.

Some of the forms and documents typically converted using our construction software include; site inductions, toolbox talks, handover documents, RFI's, site diaries, hot works permits, dayworks records, safety checklists, pre-pour concrete checklists and variation orders. If you can't digitise it; we want to know!

Permission System

Macro and Micro Permissions System

Maintain total control over the access your staff and subcontractors have to your business data using our Permissions System.

Whether you want to revoke a users access to the entire software package or you want to get granular and limit their ability to create or edit particular types of forms, such as Purchase Orders for suppliers etc., you can manipulate their authority to view, create, edit and/or delete forms and tasks as you see fit; either across your entire organisation or only on the projects they've been assigned to work on.

Using our Permissions System means you can deploy our construction software platform across your entire organisation, from your site managers and senior management for compliance and monitoring to your financial controllers and admin staff for time and attendance sheets and delivery dockets for paying suppliers. Easily managed and immediately implemented with just a few clicks - meaning your sensitive data is only seen by those whom you allow it to be.

Automatic Reports

Automatic Reports with Key Performance Indicators

Our platform takes on all the heavy lifting and makes producing reports on the performance of your projects and subcontractors as easy as clicking a button.

We know that keeping your finger on the operational pulse of your construction business is hard, especially when working across multiple projects with different subcontractors and clients. That's why ProProject offers a simple but effective KPI report generator.

This increases your understanding of your on-site and subcontractor performance and allows you to exploit this information through better strategic decision making to get ahead of the competition and grow your market share.

For example, you can work to future-proof your business by using this feature to gain a greater understanding on whether subcontractors are under- or over-performing on particular projects, and then compare them with other trades. This will allow you to identify unsatisfactory on-site trends before they escalate, identify the true costs involved in rework and defects and leave you better placed to make the correct decisions on whom to award future subcontracts.

Share Tools

Share, Export and Collaborate Tools

Raise, Share and Collaborate on tasks directly from your mobile device so you can get on-site issues resolved faster and get back to work, saving you time and money.

Improve the productivity of your management staff and eliminate the lag-time associated with tasks such as RFI's etc. by sharing your documents, completed forms or defects and snag lists with 3rd parties directly from your mobile device.

All communication surrounding a task or form is automatically managed so users can see the correspondence relating directly to that task or form and who was involved and at what stages.

This keeps everyone working more efficiently, reducing the time between an event occurring and its resolution, and makes the entire process audit-able in the event of a dispute, leading to more satisfactory resolution outcomes and reduced claims.

E-mail Notifications


Stay ahead of the curve through the receipt of e-mail notifications when users carry out actions, raise comments or update tasks that require your attention.

This eliminates a lot of the time you spend waiting for a response having created and sent a critical document to a 3rd party, making you a smarter and more productive construction professional.


Project and Company

Save time searching for key information relating to personnel or documents by using our in-app search engine.

Whether you're looking for forms or tasks of particular types or you're looking for references to particular people or resources these can all be carried out via our search functionality in our web app.

Automatic Document Management

Automatic Document Management

Save time and money by letting our construction software automate the processes involved in tasks such as recording revisions to documents, maintaining registers and progress photos.

Our document management functionality is there to let you get back to the real issues and tasks facing your projects and organisations and means you don't need to worry about whether an audit is going to suffer because the site folders aren't up to date or that big pile of paperwork hasn't been filed yet.

To make things even better, site set-up and de-mobilisation is completely painless from a data storage and compliance point of view as all the documentation and reports you need are easily accessible right there on your laptop and mobile device.

What's better is that even if a Health and Safety officer, or any other compliance officer, updates your documentation within your compliance framework these changes are automatically pushed through to all users of the platform meaning everyone is always using the latest revision meaning there's no need to worry about legacy paperwork finding its way into current operations and causing issues in future audits.

Plan Viewer and Task Mark-up

Plan Viewer
and Task Mark-up

Having important information on hand is key to the smooth and productive management of a modern construction site and having drawings available on your mobile or tablet for access whilst out in the field makes operating your sites that much easier.

Whether you want to check a particular architectural detail or you want to mark the particular location of a defect or snag on a plan for a subcontractor you can do so using our ProProject mobile apps in no time at all.

Import Staff and Resource Databases

Import Staff and Resource Databases

Improve the immediate on-site performance of resources and overall profitability of your organisation through greater understanding of their productivity by recording their actions against specific pay-items for later analysis.

In addition, uploading your company's resource and staff data into our platform will allow you and authorised staff to quickly and accurately create estimates, purchase orders and even record time and attendance information whilst remaining in the field.

Estimated variations can be matched up with specific contract pay-items or created manually, task by task, using head office approved rates for each item to ensure a greater level of accuracy and ensure margins are protected.

Photo Management

Photo Management

Our platforms searchable Photo Gallery provides quick and easy access to all photos taken across your projects, allowing you to quickly and accurately record progress or produce evidence in the event of a dispute or claim.

By taking photos and attaching them to tasks or forms on your mobile device you'll be able to document your progress or any issues you encounter on-site and share them immediately with the relevant parties. In addition, all photos taken across your projects are safely stored and quickly found using our web app Photo Gallery that is searchable across projects and form types or tasks.

Cross-platform Capability

Cross-platform Capability

Our construction site management software platform is hosted in the cloud and accessible from any location via a web browser or our dedicated mobile apps and your secure login information.

Our mobile construction apps are cross-platform and available for iOS and Android operating systems meaning you can use ProProject to complete tasks whilst being out on-site or in between meetings. This makes getting work done easier and frees up more time for you to dedicate to other important tasks.

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